Auctions have long been a captivating aspect of the real estate landscape, drawing attention with the excitement of bidding wars and the allure of securing one’s dream home. In Victoria, weekly auction statistics are closely followed, offering a glimpse into the state of the property market. At Create Real Estate, we understand the importance of accurate data in navigating the property landscape, which is why we partner with trusted sources like the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) to provide valuable insights into the Victorian property market.

Why Auction Data Matters

Weekly auction statistics are more than just numbers; they serve as a barometer of buyer sentiment and market trends. Clearance rates, in particular, offer valuable insights into the level of demand among buyers. High clearance rates often signal a competitive market with strong buyer interest, while lower rates may indicate more balanced conditions or potential opportunities for buyers.

Auction Results in Sunshine 3020

Recent auction results in Sunshine, Victoria, showcase the market dynamics in this vibrant suburb. With a diverse mix of properties hitting the auction block, including houses and units, Sunshine attracts both buyers and sellers seeking value and opportunity in the real estate market.

Sales Data Insights in Sunshine

Insight (Houses & Units) Suburb Metro
Clearance Rate 81.5% 72.5%
Days on Market 62 40
Median Price by Bedrooms
2 Bedrooms n/a $920,000
3 Bedrooms $810,000 $815,000
4 Bedrooms $920,000 $970,000


Understanding Clearance Rates

But what exactly do clearance rates signify, and how are they calculated? Clearance rate refers to the percentage of properties sold at auction out of the total number of reported auctions. A higher clearance rate indicates robust buyer demand, suggesting a seller’s market, while a lower rate may suggest less demand or a buyer’s market.

REIV Methodology: Accuracy and Reliability

When it comes to auction data, accuracy is paramount. The REIV’s methodology sets the standard for reliability, ensuring that only reported auction results are included in its calculations. This approach eliminates assumptions and provides a true reflection of auction outcomes, without skewing the data. Unlike some other providers, the REIV does not consider withdrawn properties as part of the auction process, ensuring transparency and accuracy in its reporting.

The Importance of Accurate Data

Accurate auction data is essential for both industry professionals and consumers alike. It serves as a valuable tool for gauging market sentiment, informing buying and selling decisions, and understanding price trends. With the real estate market constantly evolving, having access to reliable data is more important than ever.

Industry Recognition

Industry professionals across Victoria acknowledge the importance of accurate auction data provided by the REIV. At Create Real Estate, we are committed to delivering accurate and reliable insights to our clients, empowering them to make informed decisions in the property market.


Auction data plays a pivotal role in understanding the nuances of the real estate market. By providing accurate and reliable insights, Create Real Estate enables industry professionals and consumers to make informed decisions and navigate the property landscape with confidence.

Remember, when it comes to understanding the real estate market, accurate data is key. Trust Create Real Estate to deliver the insights you need to stay informed and make confident decisions in the property market.


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