Danny Vo
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Danny Vo
Danny Vo
Business Development Manager Email 0420 226 829

Danny is an all-rounder in multiple activities curriculum in basketball, badminton and tennis that he enjoys, But what he enjoys most is family time with his wife and two kids (Staffy dogs).

But when it comes to his Job it is different, he incorporates family morals to his work, Danny strength is his experience and understanding of the local property market, He strives to deliver Value!

He believes that without Value we cannot succeed. His methodical and analytical approach helps many investors lease their property with the accurate market appraisal on the property and current trends,

He Believes in professionalism, approachability, and hungry to stamp his place in the local real estate community to be able to provide value to all his clients.

Danny is Transparent and straight forward, he believes that honesty and correct advice sets the relationship and ability to communicate better with new and existing clients.

Danny’s Goals are not to get new clients but to gain another family member into the Create family which focuses on Value!