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Create Real Estate have been managing my property for a couple of months now and have been happy with their service.
Eugene C.
01:16 26 Oct 21
Awesome service as always! All my future real estate transactions will be handled by Create moving forward as service was impeccable. First time that I was not disappointed with selling my property. Highly recommended!
cherubim Y.
00:37 26 Oct 21
I have been finding a commercial property for some time, a friend of mine referred me to Lilian and she has been amazing !Lilian has been amazing to work with! She has been cooperative, knowledgeable , and understanding of what I was afterShe has helped me find a property and I could not be happier! I highly recommend Lilian for all commercial needs she is greatThank you Lilian you have been awesome!
Keanu B.
11:26 22 Oct 21
Having done my due diligence and looked into most of the in-depth reviews of many property managers in the area, I'm glad I chose Create Real Estate. Steve and the team have been very responsive and came up with innovative ideas to help manage and market my properties using their wealth of experience. I highly recommend working with Create Real Estate as they have a team of professionals who can look after your properties and cater to everything you would need in selling, renting, or even managing your properties.
Tommy P.
06:35 20 Oct 21
Had the best customer service with Create Real Estate! Always ready to assist and very responsive to all my questions which is very convenient during lockdown as it was a stressful period for everyone. Thank you! I highly recommend them for all real estate related services.
Madeline J.
06:27 19 Oct 21
Create Real Estate and Dexie was more than helpful in finding us an apartment. They were extremely honest, upfront, and was able to find us a great apartment that fit right in our price range!
The Bossy K.
10:32 18 Oct 21
I'd like to thank Lillian Dinh for making the whole process smooth and easy. Definitely recommend if you are looking to rent commercial real estate.
Tyson K.
07:50 18 Oct 21
Dexie is an excellent team member, great with stats and providing support and follow up.
00:19 18 Oct 21
Probably the best agency in SUNSHINE! All staff are committed to great service and were very friendly, especially Dexie who was very prompt in replying to my queries.
Jessa J.
23:41 17 Oct 21
Create Real Estate is indeed the number 1 agency in SUNSHINE. They always ensure that they deliver what they have promised. The service that I received from Dexie was great. I couldn't be happier dealing with her.
Charlette P.
23:05 17 Oct 21
Dexie was prompt and approachable. She made the process feel special and assisted us all throughout the process of inquiring regarding our first home. Thank you Create Real Estate!
Izai L.
22:42 17 Oct 21
The best agency in the West .
Thi N N T.
04:27 15 Oct 21
I am very happy with great Knowledge and service from my property manager Kelly Tran. She is very helpful at all the time , very satisfied with her work and services. I would highly recommend to everyone.
Mae Y.
01:50 14 Oct 21
I’m glad that I chose Create Real Estate in helping me pick my apartment. Their agents were very helpful and accommodating during my search and have continued to be so with all of my concerns after becoming one of their tenants. Highly recommended!
Mikey G.
11:19 11 Oct 21
Lilian, the rental manager has worked diligently in managing the various matters that arise with the building at 7-9 Leeds Street. She has been professional, reliable and responsive. Keep up the good work Lilian.
Lachlan N
14:41 08 Oct 21
CreateVIC has been helping me for few years now and I found them responsive, polite and professional. Particular shout out to Kelly who always goes above and beyond at every interaction!
Alex B.
03:59 08 Oct 21
I have had the pleasure to deal with Lilian Dinh from the Create Real Estate. She helped in finding the tenants for us. I can't speak highly enough of her. She is extremely professional in managing both owners and tenants expectations and ensure that it is a win/win situation for both the parties.She is well articulative and always be at the forefront to address questions/concerns. Her dynamic attitude and client centric behaviour is next to none.I strongly recommend Lilian and Create Real Estate for all the property management, ownership and selling needs.
Syed T.
01:53 05 Oct 21
Tony B.
08:21 04 Oct 21
Referred one of my clients to Create Real Estate and I found their responsiveness and willingness to assist was excellent. Definitely recommended for anyone looking to sell, buy or have their property managed.
Chee F.
07:58 04 Oct 21
Thank you Create Real Estate for looking after the rental management for my property. The director Steven is very passionate and has built a great team. My property manager Julieann is proactive and knowledgeable. I can always rely on her to give me good advice. I have used many other property managers in the past and my experience with Create Real Estate has been the best so far. Highly recommend.
Simon H.
07:24 04 Oct 21
Lilian is very professional and always available to assist with all my enquiries.
Ngoc Bach N.
23:24 02 Oct 21
Highly recommend Julieann Dinh! She was thorough and professional, and exceptional to work with. She kept us apprised about available appointments and constantly let us know when a new one came on the market. She was sincere and forthright- no games. After coping with numerous different agents in the area and being disappointed, we felt fortunate to discover Julieann.Great environment, expert and first-class people, clean and delightful workplace set up. They care about their customers and teach their agents often so they may constantly be up to date with what’s occurring in the market.I propose Create Real Estate to everyone seeking to do any Real Estate transaction 👍🏽
Jordan A.
01:34 02 Oct 21
I worked with Lillian Dinh, an splendid agent. She listed my area in April and we were on contract in 2 months, at asking price. She is a remarkable negotiator with a totally personalised touch. Highly recommended!
Braedon Te H.
01:11 02 Oct 21
Create manages my investment for over 3 years now and I am very happy with the service.My property manager Kelly Tran is knowledge, professionalism and outstanding work ethic.She is an excellent agent.
Đức T.
03:37 01 Oct 21
Despite the market state, we received great service and achieved great results. Thanks Create Real Estate Team and especially Lillian
Mohamad Y.
07:29 30 Sep 21
I would like to praise Lilian Dinh for her outstanding service. I encountered 2 commercial property managers before her at Create and I suggest that they should learn from Lilian on how to provide customer service. Lilian actually listen, understand and act promptly to achieve a win win result for both the landlord and tenant. Thank you Lilian Dinh.
Vu T.
04:46 30 Sep 21
Extremely helpful and work as a great intermediary between landlords and tenantsThe CREATE team are wonderful, I can't recommend them highly enough! Lillian is very informative, responsive and professional. Communication is fantastic, and the service is first class.Keep up your good work 👍🏼
MissPinpinut K
03:51 30 Sep 21
Create is a professional Real Estate agent with a highly experienced team in both rental and sales department. Catering individually for each customer in all departments. Their knowledge in the property market is an asset for anybody thinking of buying selling or leasing out their properties. Highly recommended.
Nicky K.
05:51 29 Sep 21
I would highly recommend Nicky and Deneby to look after a rental property for ALL investors. Their professionalism and eye to detail, and most of all keeping you informed of your investment is outstanding. 5 BIG STARS!!!
penelope K.
05:42 29 Sep 21
We enlisted Create Real Estate for our Property Management at our block of flats which had an unusual messy situation where there was a mix up of units. Nicky was amazing at helping to sort this out. She was organised, persistent and always kept up with the communication every step of the way. A stark difference from my previous manager. I couldn't be happier with the service so far, and i'm confident into the future. Thank You!
Jason T.
11:03 27 Sep 21
Thanks Create team! Special thanks to Marie Maybelle for helping me Kickstart my investments. Very informative, quick to respond and would go an extra mile to help. She's very professional and communication skills are superb! Thanks Marie keep up the good work!
01:19 24 Sep 21
Thank you Create and Kelly Trần for taking care of my investments, it’s nothing but amazing.
Mia T.
03:49 22 Sep 21
The best agency in the west,Specifically my property manager Kelly Tran. She always responds promptly and a high level of service and amazing communication.
trung nguyen T.
01:42 21 Sep 21
Marie was very informative and professional with her communication and responds in a timely manner, she has great knowledge. I would recommend.
bata D.
06:41 20 Sep 21
Paula is polite, hardworking, and over-all a great person to deal with!
Efren S.
00:39 18 Sep 21
Abdul S.
15:17 17 Sep 21
Marie is indeed one of a kind. She's very patient and would go the extra mile to help you out. Definitely a great asset!
Pamela Sharmayne De V.
14:18 17 Sep 21
A great experience dealing with Create, friendly, courteous, punctual and made the whole process stress free, I highly recommend them for your real estate needs
Ashley C.
03:17 15 Sep 21
My property manager Kelly Tran is very responsive and professional around dealing on all things. She takes all my stress away.Keep up your good work.
minh L.
00:33 15 Sep 21
Cameron R.
23:38 14 Sep 21
such a great experience dealing with Lilian and the createvic team over the last few months, their service goes above and beyond!!!would defiantly recommend :)
Lea M.
23:25 14 Sep 21
The team at Create Real Estate are amazing to deal with. The bend over backwards to ensure they deliver on what they promise. I could not be happier dealing with them. As a community agency that also supports the community they are involved with they make it the perfect place for my business.
Mark G.
20:46 14 Sep 21
Had the best customer service with Create Vic RE! Very responsive and professional and made finding new property easy breezy! Thank you!
chewy C.
08:55 14 Sep 21
Je M.
05:54 14 Sep 21
It is an absolute pleasure to have Kelly Tran to manage my investment property. Kelly is a genuine and hardworking agent who always try for the best possible outcome for her clients. I was regularly kept informed and provided with great advice.
Nguyen P.
05:00 14 Sep 21
Phenomenal real estate service. Dexie is extremely attentive to my needs and made me feel that I am heard of when it comes to my concerns (if there is any, which rarely happens) She's on top of everything and will go out of her way to help you.
Cody B.
04:00 14 Sep 21
Dexie is a very dedicated person when it comes to work. I couldn't be prouder. Create Team and especially her boss brings out the best in her. Indeed, Create real estate is the best real estate in SUNSHINE.
Alan C.
03:45 14 Sep 21
The team at Create are wonderful and hard-working! Ever helpful and willing to go between landlords and tenants.
Paula B.
03:43 14 Sep 21
This team is the best! The commercial team, especially Paula, are very polite and responsive. Only have positive experiences with them.
Miong S.
03:27 14 Sep 21

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